Sám na javisku

The international one-man show festival Sám na javisku (Alone on the Stage) started in 1995 in Trenčín. Giving an opportunity for presentation to Slovak and international theatre productions based solely on the single-actor theatre concept, this is the only event of its kind in Slovakia.

The festival presents individual artistic projects, focusing especially on non-conventional, inspiring and innovative theatre productions, in close conjunction with classical theatrical genres and student shows. For many years, the festival has endeavoured to find and present varied types of productions – from traditional monodramas, through dance, movement theatre, pantomime and puppet theatre, to the currently popular one-man show.

The team of the Kolomaž association has been organising the festival since 2005.
Kolomaž is a member of the national network of independent culture centres associated under the name Anténa and has been formally active in Trenčín since 2002 (informally since 1995).